Providing treatment and help with overcoming anxiety, panic and phobia

About this web site.

This Web Site is all about how do you overcome anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. The solution it offers of getting over these problems  is personal one-to-one therapy.

That is what I do. I  specialise in this area and have worked with many clients suffering from this condition. In my experience this is the best, quickest and most effective solution.

This web site is unconventional. It consists of all the information you need on a single page. It does not have drop down links, complex menus, or fancy graphics. (There are a few photographs). It does not store cookies, will not track your details and will not bombard you with emails and follow up messages. In fact once you have looked at this page, there are only three things you can do.

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Anxiety, Panic and Phobia

This group of conditions  affects a large number of people.  Anxiety can be like a background nervousness, making it difficult to express yourself, constantly limiting your life. Or it can come on suddenly and make you feel as if you are out of control. It can have a range of symptoms such as  nervousness and unease or can cause  chest pains, shortness of breath, a feeling of choking, an inability to think and function properly. The feeling can come and go in certain circumstances or for some is a constant feeling of un-ease, fear or dread.shutterstock_153067424

It can ruin your life, your career, your relationship and leave you feeling miserable and unable to function. Once experienced it can appear to grow and spread, invading more and more areas of your life.

Panic is an extreme version of anxiety. It feels physical and can be mistaken for a heart attack, it strikes suddenly and without warning and leaves you feeling powerless.

Phobias are more localised and specific categories of the symptoms. You can have a phobia about dogs, flying, spiders, public speaking, snakes, buses, exams, meeting people, talking to strangers … in fact almost anything. Phobias prevent us doing things, often things that we want to do, or have to do, and they therefore force us to change, modify and limit our lives. Phobias can often be triggered by specific events, that is a fear of dogs can be triggered by being bitten by  a dog, other phobias do not initially have a clear trigger poit.

How can this be treated

One way is medication. However, in my personal view medication does not treat these condition. It deadens and masks and makes it bearable for us to function. However in doing this it also deadens us and our lives and makes it difficult for us to function. Medications do not target the problem, they bathe our brains in a chemical soup that changes everything. They do not find and cure the cause, they mask the symptoms. But, for some they offer an answer.

The other way is through counselling or therapy. There are many forms of counselling, the most popular at the moment being  CBT as it is promoted by the NHS and your doctor. In my experience CBT has its value but is not necessarily the most effective. It works for some, but it can be slow, and there is no need for this.  These conditions can be dealt with  quickly and effectively, not in years but in weeks.Girl receiving counselling for anxiety

Modern research into the brain has opened up insights to a range of therapies that teach people to control and cure their symptoms. And this is an important feature.  I cannot not fix you. It would be nice if I could sit you in a chair, mumble a few words and your problem will go away, but unfortunately it is not like that.

The cause of your problems will be unique to you and the secret is to find that unique cause within you. And this is the therapists job, to identify the cause and show you how to deal with the cause.  This is not the American style of analysis that became popular in the 60’s and 70’s.  It is more a case of tracking down the sensations, feelings and images that underlie all of the symptoms and seeing how these permeate out, changing and controlling your life. It also means  finding out how many areas of your life they invade. From this point, you will be guided on overcoming and changing things, to reduce and eliminate the cause. This is done using a number of techniques and personal guidance, directly targeted at your experiences.

Sounds complex? Well, it is and it isn’t.

It is easy for you, you only have to listen and be guided.

For me it has been complex. The manual of psychological disorders currently lists hundreds of conditions. You may have noticed some web sites give a long list of conditions treated.

That is not how I work. Over the last 20 years of working with people, I have found that I have had regular success dealing with people experiencing  Anxiety, Panic and Phobia. I find that I have an affinity with these conditions. Over the years I have researched these condition more and more, piecing together techniques that are valuable and discarding those that  have no measureable effect. Overtime I started to specialise in this area more and more, and now this is all I treat. And I do it very well.

About Me

My name is Andrew Pickles, I am a Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist.

This hasn’t always been my profession. Although always fascinated by people and the mind (from the age of 12 ) I originally worked in finance in  the public and  commercial sectors. But I found this unsatisfying. Away from work I was constantly studying and attending course on Psychology, the mind, and philosophy.andrew

In 1998 I decided to take a total change and follow my dream, to work in  Psychotherapy.  So I qualified as a Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist and became an accredited member of the UKCP (The united kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). I also gained qualifications in CBT and Anger and Stress Management. I studied Buddhism in Depth and gained qualifications in Mindfulness.

From this I built up an active full time practice, treating a range of clients, happy content and living my dream.

But then as so often happens in life, disaster struck.  My Son worked and lived in Thailand, he had a six month old son. One evening he was attacked, hit over the head with an iron bar and sustained a very serious brain injury. At the point that we boarded the plane to fly out to him he had been given only a 5% chance of surviving.

But he did survive; but he was reduced to  a minimally conscious state. There then followed years of pursuing criminal charges in Thailand, bringing him home, finding the right care and treatment, and running a business. It became clear that something had to give and so I let my professional memberships go, treating only existing clients and personal referrals.

But it was not all bad. People often said they did not know how we coped with the constant stress. Some people get through these difficulties through religion and faith, and in a way  so did I. But my religion was my psychotherapy training and all the techniques I had learned. I was able to put them to work first hand and was also able to tune them, to make them more effective. And in so doing I learnt a lot more about stress and anxiety and how to overcome it than they can ever teach you in college.

So now, at the other end of the tunnel, I continue my work in a life balance. Caring for my son takes a large part of my time. So I now limit my psychotherapy work. As mentioned above, I  only see people with Anxiety and Panic problems. Further more, I limit my client numbers and client days to Tuesdays and Thursdays. This enables me to give full focus on the individual cases I work with.

Practical Details

I work from Thorner in North Leeds. My sessions cost £60 and last for 90 minutes, however it has been known that if a client is making a breakthrough they can last longer.  I do not work by the clock.

If all of the above has been of interest and you think it may help you, please contact me as follows:


Tel: 07703 306819

If this is not right for you, thank you for reading my story and what I offer. I wish you all the best and hope that you can find the person and service that you are looking for.