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What are your reasons for seeking Therapy or Counselling?

I suspect that it is because you feel, or maybe know that there is something wrong in your life. It is not right, it is holding you back, ruining your life and preventing you from being the person you know you could be.

You may know what this something is: somebody may have put a label on it such as anxiety, depression, OCD, PTS ,  bi-polar or many of the hundreds of classifications that exist to attempt to explain or "diagnose" these problems.

You may know what  it is in terms of how it affects you: "I get embarrassed", "I blush when I talk to people", "I cant leave the house", "I am afraid of ....spiders, lifts, aero planes". "I feel scared and anxious ", or "I feel tired and weary all the time, I just can't be bothered with anything", "I get angry and at times violent and it is ruining my career, my relationship and my life".

Or it may be more vague than this such as "I feel lost without purpose" ,   

My name is Andrew Pickles and I am a qualified Psychotherapist registered with the UKCP (The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). I work from a private consulting room in the beautiful village of Thorner in North Leeds.

My  appraoch to Psychotherapy is “Solution Focused Therapy”. This means that we focus on the change that you want and the outcome you desire; the life that you want to achieve. Because of this focus on the solution rather than the problem, it is possible to deal with a range of issues  very quickly. Clients are often amazed that a problem that has been with them for many years can suddenly evaporate; often in a few sessions.

Areas that I work with are as follows:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Dealing with anger grief and fear
  • Compulsive disorders and repetitive patterns - from habits to OCD
  • Phobias - all kinds
  • Finding and achieving goals, giving meaning to your life
  • Post traumatic stress disorders
  • Shyness and social phobia
  • Resolving issues and problems from childhood
  • Blushing
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Eating disorders

You can contact me by clicking here to use the contact form  or phone 07703 306819 or 01132 892 658. Or you can continue to browse through these web pages and then click on the contact button where you will be able to send an enquiry.

For more information about the type of  therapy I offer go to my Therapies page or for details about costs and answers to many other questions, see my FAQ page. Appointments are often available at short notice and you can check availability by clicking here.  

I  have worked with hundreds of clients who have faced the same difficulties. I have and guided them to overcome their problems and and in doing so they transformed their lives. People who have suffered for years, and sometimes for most of their lives find new purpose and a new way of living life to the full..